Roscoe Moss 6” – 20” diameter carbon steel casings and screens are designed and produced specifically for use in water wells where economy as well as strength and efficiency are important requirements.


Fabrication is by the spiral weld process which offers special advantages in products designed to the end uses of water well casing and screens. These advantages are summarized as follows:


Extra close geometrical tolerances including roundness, straightness and wall thickness.


Greater collapsing and bursting strength due to wall thickness reinforcement of the fusion weld, and the fact that hoop stresses in a spiral seam tube are less than those in a straight seam tube, due to the “bandage’ effect.


Seam welding both from the interior and exterior (double weld) which assures full penetration and freedom from defects.


Roscoe Moss screens employ the louver configuration to give added strength, minimize plugging and provide better sand or gravel pack control. Two basic patterns are available, depending upon individual requirements. The standard pattern provides an ample area of opening for most well demands. The Full Flo pattern with up to four times the standard area of opening is intended for use in wells containing the highest yielding aquifer materials.


Another important advantage of Roscoe Moss shutter screens is their smooth circular interior which allows proper development and redevelopment through tight swabbing or other acceptable procedures without risk of damage. Incrustation build up may be easily removed without danger by a variety of mechanical methods.


Ends are generally prepared for assembly with factory attached collars. This provides greater joint strength and economy than possible with other types of joints. Additionally, ease and speed of installation are greater compared with plain and welded connections.


Physical Properties* 

  • Yield strength (psi) – 35000 min.
  • Tensile strength (psi) – 60000 min.
  • *Confirms to ASTM A 139 Grade B



  • Carbon – .30% max.
  • Manganese – .30% - 1.0%
  • Phosphorus – .04% max.
  • Sulphur – .05% max.
  • Silicon – .12% max.

Click here to download the roscoe moss mild steel dimensions and weights spec sheet

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