HDPE Casing & Screens are become an increasing popular choice for water wells, soil monitoring, bio-gas abstraction from landfill sites, mining and other industries. HDPE has a number of benefits over traditional materials namely light weight, non-corrosive, non toxic, fatigue resistance and facilitates ease & speed of installation. HDPE Casing & Screens are particularly preferred for soil monitoring and landfills as it has excellent resistance to a variety of aggressive chemicals.



  • HDPE is not oil-based
  • Very high resistance to aggressive water
  • 100% Polyethelene material



  • Hydrocarbon Monitoring
  • Landfill sites
  • Water quality Monitoring
  • Petro Chemical monitoring


Jointing Methods 

  • Threaded flush Male / Female
  • Stub & Flanged
  • Electro Fusion jointed

Click here to download the HDPE spec sheets