WTPI is one of the largest manufacturers of PVC Borehole Casings and Screens in the African Continent. Founded in 1997 and situated in Randburg South Africa, WTPI supplies PVC Products in all forms, extensively covering all aspects of water supply and the movement of water.


WTPI works with all consultants, consulting engineers and designers who are actively involved in specifying systems to end users – this way the clients are assured that what is specified is suitable for the project intended.


We have an extensive client base within South Africa and are the leading suppliers to all Drilling Contractors, Consulting Engineers, Mines, Municipalities and other interested parties. WTPI's parent company SOTICI is based in Cote d' Ivoire, one of the largest PVC and Polyethylene manufacturers in West Africa accredited with ISO 9003. With over 20 years experience in the water supply field, it puts the organisation among the privileged few who regularly supply the ongoing needs of companies who use PVC pipes. These range from Construction companies, Borehole drilling companies, Water supply companies and Corporations. Current production capacity exceeds 7 000 tons/year with a turnover exceeding 3 Billion French Francs in a wide variety of activities.


WTPI lends it’s expertise to Contractors and Engineers alike, problem solving and advising when the need arises. The Company involves itself in the putting together of complete “Drill Rig Packages” with competent staff to assist in the training of local personnel throughout the African Continent.